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                      Color Selection Dialog

#ifndef CSD_H
#define CSD_H

#include <gtk/gtk.h>

 *    Color Selection Dialog Color structure:
typedef struct {

      gfloat r, g, b, a;      /* 0.0 to 1.0 */

} csd_color_struct;

extern gint CSDInit(void);
extern void CSDSetStyle(GtkRcStyle *rc_style);
extern void CSDSetTransientFor(GtkWidget *w);
extern gboolean CSDIsQuery(void);
extern void CSDBreakQuery(void);
extern gboolean CSDGetResponse(
      const gchar *title,
      const gchar *ok_label, const gchar *cancel_label,
      csd_color_struct *start_color,
      csd_color_struct **color_rtn,
      gpointer client_data,
      void (*color_changed_cb)(gpointer, csd_color_struct *)
extern void CSDMap(void);
extern void CSDUnmap(void);
extern void CSDShutdown(void);

extern GtkWidget *CSDColorButtonNew(
      const gchar *label, gint label_width,
      gpointer client_data,
      void (*func_cb)(GtkWidget *, gpointer)
extern GtkWidget *CSDColorButtonNewSimple(const gchar *label, gint label_width);
extern GtkWidget *CSDColorButtonGetButton(GtkWidget *w);
extern void CSDColorButtonGetColor(GtkWidget *w, csd_color_struct *c);
extern void CSDColorButtonSetColor(GtkWidget *w, const csd_color_struct *c);

#endif      /* CSD_H */

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