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                       Editor Find In Pages Dialog


#include <gtk/gtk.h>

typedef struct _editor_fip_struct   editor_fip_struct;
typedef struct _editor_fip_item_struct    editor_fip_item_struct;

 *    Find In Pages Dialog Item:
struct _editor_fip_item_struct {

      editor_fip_struct *editor_fip;
      GtkCList    *clist;

      /* Pointer to the matched branch node on the layout_ctree on
       * editor that was searched through */
      GtkCTreeNode      *found_branch;

      /* This will be used for matching branch data on the editor
       * when the user wants to `go to' the matched result. This is
       * better since the found_branch may get deleted and matching
       * by the branch's data seems to work out better */
      gpointer    branch_data;

      /* Matched text position, can be -1 for n/a */
      gint        text_sel_start,

      /* Matched line number, can be -1 for n/a */
      gint        line_num;

#define EDITOR_FIP_ITEM(p)    ((editor_fip_item_struct *)(p))

 *    Find In Pages Dialog:
struct _editor_fip_struct {

      gboolean    initialized,

      gpointer    core_ptr;
      gpointer    editor_ptr;

      GtkWidget   *toplevel,

      /* Buttons on right column */
      GtkWidget   *find_btn,

      gint        stop_find_count;

      /* Search options */
      GtkWidget   *match_all_radio,
      GtkWidget   *case_sensitive_toggle; /* Case sensitive if togged */

      /* Search results put into this clist, it has 4 columns which
       * are for; excerpt, type, name (header or section's name), and
       * manual page name.
      GtkWidget   *results_clist;
      gint        selected_result;        /* Can be -1 */
      GtkWidget *results_menu;

      /* Important menu items on results menu */
      GtkWidget   *goto_mi;

      /* Goto selected result button */
      GtkWidget   *goto_btn;

      GtkWidget   *status_bar_dock,

      gfloat            status_bar_progress_pos_last;

#define EDITOR_FIP(p)         ((editor_fip_struct *)(p))

extern gint EditorFIPAddItem(
        editor_fip_struct *fip,
        const gchar *excerpt,
      gint line_num,
        const gchar *name,
        const gchar *manual_page,
        GtkCTreeNode *found_branch,
      gpointer branch_data,
        gint text_sel_start, gint text_sel_end
extern void EditorFIPItemDelete(editor_fip_item_struct *item);

extern void EditorFIPSetBusy(editor_fip_struct *fip);
extern void EditorFIPSetReady(editor_fip_struct *fip);

extern editor_fip_struct *EditorFIPNew(void *core_ptr, void *editor_ptr);
extern void EditorFIPUpdateMenus(editor_fip_struct *fip);
extern void EditorFIPSetStatusMessage(
      editor_fip_struct *fip, const gchar *mesg
extern void EditorFIPSetStatusProgress(
      editor_fip_struct *fip, gfloat percent
extern void EditorFIPReset(editor_fip_struct *fip, gboolean need_unmap);
extern void EditorFIPMap(editor_fip_struct *fip);
extern void EditorFIPUnmap(editor_fip_struct *fip);
extern void EditorFIPDelete(editor_fip_struct *fip);

#endif      /* EDITORFIP_H */

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